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Meaning of name Gawain  

Etymology : Meaning uncertain, from the name of a nephew of King Arthur and one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend


Saint :


Origin : Welsh


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Gender : boy


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Who is she?


Gawain   is quite a dichotomy and therefore rather disconcerting. She is an anxious and nervous woman, sometimes verging on anguish and distress. However at the same time she is very active and dynamic, hoping to give those around her the impression that she is stronger than she is, thereby concealing her worried nature in order to protect herself. Nevertheless, nothing lasts too long in her world, and she is capable of enthusiasm one minute and depression the next, dramatizing everything and amplifying the present moment beyond all proportions. This aspect of her personality makes her quite enigmatic and such cyclothymic behaviour can be pretty unsettling for her friends and loved ones. In actual fact, the union of the 7 and 8 is an association of fire (passion, exaggeration, hyperactivity, authority and impulsiveness) and water (reserve, reflection, passivity, sensitivity and introversion)... which obviously isn´t easy to live with! She could appear to be capricious or excessive, when the reality is that she has great difficulty striking a balance between these two incompatible tendencies. The contrasts in her behaviour can be astonishing and she can go from competitive sport to exploring mysticism or metaphysics. Therefore, when she is a child her parents will need to tame her before she gets the better of their kindness and patience, encourage her to take part in a physical activity (dance, sport) and cultivate her sensitivity. Gawain   can often be rather unsociable and seeks to appear tougher than she truly is, however this is just a facade of self-protection. Don´t be fooled by the sarcastic, cynical attitude that she sometimes displays, because underneath it all she is actually a very sensitive soul who is deeply attached to her home and family, from whom she requires plenty of love and affection. She is often much more anxious and timorous than she dares even admit to herself.


What does she like?
Gawain   has a taste for power and leadership, which by the way she is totally capable of assuming... She appreciates a job well done and won´t hesitate to take on responsibilities that others cannot handle. Success appeals to her, because it represents material comfort and security, as far as she is concerned. In matters of the heart, she is an enigmatic woman who makes no effort whatsoever to help her partner to understand her better. Incredibly warm, demonstrative and generous at times; taciturn, wounded, disappointed and bitter at others... However, never forget that beneath these sometimes contradictory attitudes she is a true romantic who needs to love, and to be loved. Her feelings are sincere and profound, and her moral character exemplary. A remarkable hostess when she wants to be, she will charm everyone´s socks off and with her light-hearted and playful nature (sometimes a little eccentric or impassioned), she certainly knows how to throw a party!


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What does she do?




With such an atypical personality, her professional choice isn´t an easy one to make and tends to be subject to revision. Indeed, her active number 25 is indicative of indecision, hesitation and abrupt change. However she is likely to be particularly attracted to the following domains: business and finance, occupations where she can put her critical mind to good use, in connection with research of some kind, be it scientific, artistic or parapsychological in essence..., an original orientation is quite possible, because she is anything but conformist.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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