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Meaning of name Fulvia  

Etymology : Feminine form of Fulvius (see FULVIO).


Saint :


Origin : Italian


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Fulvia   appears to be someone who is determined and original, bursting with vitality and a zest for life. Bold and resourceful, she enjoys taking risks, and is often quick to assume the role of the leader, although she is also particularly feminine and maternal, and enjoys taking care of others. Furthermore, her manner is generally warm and reassuring, because Fulvia   is eager to please other people. This could be expressed through a friendly attitude, or perhaps in taking great care of her appearance... In any case she´s the real thing, uncompromising, frank and direct - and fiercely loyal. She is extremely sensitive and simply can´t tolerate injustice, if she witnesses unfair treatment she usually won´t hesitate to intervene. She is highly energetic and capable of summoning up more motivation for others than for herself, whilst competition doesn´t worry her much at all. Fulvia   is headstrong and active, lives predominantly in the material realm, and knows how to be efficient and practical when needed. Although she is very generous and concerned for others´ wellbeing, she nevertheless appreciates the good things in life, comfort as well as money, and could turn out be an excellent business woman. As a child, she is very expressive and endearing. She is a sociable creature and is happiest when surrounded by friends, who tend to follow in her footsteps. Even so, she can also be rather snobbish, uncompromising, possessive and jealous; but so very devoted! She is likely to have quite a varied leisure timetable: toy car racing with her brothers followed by a tea party with her sisters, with dolls in between, this way she is able to conciliate her craving for action with her maternal instinct... She needs harmony as much as she needs air and water, and the family environment is likely to have a considerable influence on her development, either in a positive or negative sense.


What does she like?
She likes to feel needed and be surrounded by the people that love her, to whom she shows much love and devotion in return. She´s a fantastic friend who knows how to listen and is happy to give advice as she sees just. While impatience is one of her non-negotiable characteristics, by contrast she can be most accommodating. On the other hand, she is likely to be somewhat less tolerant and more demanding where her partner is concerned, because she can´t excuse weakness in a man. She may be authoritarian, but she is tactful about it and she certainly possesses the know-how, and simply has the same high expectations for the man in her life that she imposes on herself. If he happens to disappoint her she is likely to break things off abruptly and firmly, and there will be no turning back. Even so, when it comes to the crunch there could be some hesitation on her behave, probably due to the fact that it is fundamental - in her eyes - to have a successful relationship and start a family. Likewise, she is extremely sensitive to comfort and once she has finished adding her personal touch, the interior of her home will have been transformed into a snug and comfortable sanctuary.


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What does she do?




Fulvia   isn´t indifferent to the lucrative side of her chosen career, and is inclined to take advantage of her social origins (which are often favorable) in order to get ahead. She could be attracted to the advisory professions, those related to the fields of finance or economics, management or business, those related to elegance (hair-stylist, perfumery, decoration...), comfort (real estate, furniture ...), precision (industrial design, dental prosthesis...), attention to detail, dietetics, catering and gastronomy, or professions involving oral expression, and communications.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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