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Meaning of name Fleur  

Etymology : Means "flower" in French


Saint :


Origin : French


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Fleur   is bubbly, full of life and brimming over with enthusiasm and passion. Highly explosive and sensitive, she can experience an astonishing kaleidoscope of emotions in a short space of time: laughter giving way to tears; unreasonable enthusiasm twisting itself around into the most unjustified anger within a few seconds. However she is the genuine article, she hates half measures: for her, everything is black and white: shades of gray don´t feature in her rainbow, and diplomacy isn´t one of her fundamental qualities, although she is capable of great generosity. She has a hankering for power which she can be known to abuse, at times, authoritarianism being a stone´s throw away from delegation. Her dynamism and craving for action mean that can have difficulty remaining unoccupied or idle for any length of time. She is overflowing with excess energy which, if it isn´t properly channelled, could rapidly transform into aggression and even violence. As a child she is fearless, rebellious and disobedient. She can be jealous and possessive, and there could be frequent - even daily disputes with her siblings. Her parents should therefore encourage her to be as physically active as possible: taking part in a team sport would be ideal, allowing her to combine energy, volition and a sense of solidarity with her hunger for power and control. Fleur   has many thorns but is relatively easy to define: what you see is what you get, a lovely rose who is naive, frank and straightforward, not to mention rather competitive.


What does she like?
While she loathes deceit, flattery and injustice, Fleur   likes to win, and although she also enjoys a struggle and confrontation, most of all she likes to surpass herself. She takes pleasure in commanding and loves to be the boss. She is extremely impatient and wants everything straight away, becoming irritable if she has to wait around. She likes to have a certain hold over others and can rapidly become tyrannical, but deep down, she´s really a soppy sentimental, in spite of appearances that tend to indicate the contrary. Her emotional relationships can be quite complex, characterized by a mix of power, possessiveness, jealousy and excess. She needs a strong, masculine and authoritative man who she can measure herself against and who will be required to fight for and claim the position of undisputed master. Then Fleur  , respectful and subdued, will be as cute as a kitten...


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What does she do?




Not exactly "housewife" material, Fleur   could be tempted by the following careers: those related to money or business (banking, accounting, management...), in connection with power (military, law enforcement or sport ...), careers related to travel and abroad, or related to the media (journalism), the public (actress), or the social sector (justice, law, medical or paramedical).



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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