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Meaning of name Fernand  

Etymology : French form of FERDINAND


Saint :


Origin : French


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Gender : boy


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Numbers :

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Who is he?


He is masculine, exudes power and authority, and is not without a certain amount of magnetism. Above all realistic and practical, he is grounded and possesses a powerful energy which could enable him to realize his dreams. He is quite unimpressionable and walks his path calmly always seeking to progress, and to do this he relies on his strong will-power and hard work - albeit inconsistent. He is a sensitive soul, although his Achilles heel is without a doubt his emotional life, despite the severity of his appearance. In etymology, Fernand   means «strong as a bear», and he appears stern and uncompromising, even curt and abrupt at times, although this is actually a façade designed to conceal the tender and sensitive soul that he really is. A man of duty, he is as good as his word. Direct, open and honest, he actually tends to be overly scrupulous and rigorous (karmic 6) and in this respect, it is not always easy for those around him. Authoritarian, he has high standards for himself and expects the same from others. Tolerance not being his strong point, he can often be impatient and irritable, for example, one of his pet hates is wasting time for no good reason. With the master number 11, he often receives great inspiration that pushes him to live his life intensely and to invest himself in projects that passion him. However the downside to all that pressure and ambition is that the result can be "explosions", of abruptness and anger. Injustice makes him beside himself with fury and renders him capable of aggressive behaviour. As a child, he is a boy who is very attached to his family and eager to please, so they could therefore have a significant influence on his development. Furthermore, he is very responsible from a young age, and his parents know that he can be counted on. Of scrupulous and perfectionist nature, he has a tendency to want to dissect every situation. He is in possession of an analytical mind and acute intuitive abilities, and in general his memory is also excellent which would be of enormous benefit if he decides to undertake a programme of study.


What does he like?
Fernand   is eager to please, and seeks peace and harmony above all. He aspires to perfection and is sensitive to beauty, esthetics and comfort. For him, it really is "all in the details" and he can be a bit of a fusspot, as well as quite indecisive - until he has gone over everything with a fine-toothed comb! This tendency could be expressed as a slightly obsessive attitude regarding precision, punctuality, and hygiene; as well as a certain amount of narcissism or an overdeveloped professional conscience. Emotional closeness is very important to him, therefore he is likely to be extremely attached to his family and his loved ones, even showing hilself to be possessive at times. He doesn´t try to hide his jealousy though, incapable of pretending to be somebody that he is not. In addition, he is fiercely loyal and highly unlikely to be unfaithful himself.


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What does he do?




There are several directions that he could choose from: those in relation with the community and health, such as social support or counselling..., those connected to the worlds of business or finance (management, accounting, banking...), in connection with comfort, real estate, cuisine, gastronomy, esthetics, precision..., those linked to fire and iron: fireman, metallurgy, butcher, or surgeon.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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