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Meaning of name Felicidad  

Etymology : Spanish form of FELICITAS


Saint :


Origin : Spanish


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


She is an energetic, resolute and determined woman who could appear calm, reserved, strong and self-assured. She is actually quite straight-forward and authoritarian, and although she tends to doubt in herself and her abilities at first, deep down she aspires to the acquisition of a certain power. She is active, industrious and capable of taking on and assuming responsibility. She is a passionate person who needs to fully invest herself in a venture that motivates her, where she will prove to be efficient, organised and practical as well as extremely hardworking, shrewd, realistic and quite the perfectionist; this is an individual who is apt to manage and direct others. Felicidad   is capable of sound judgement and possesses an analytical mind that makes her inclined to « split hairs », and is endowed with qualities that are more readily attributed to men than women. She is bold and resourceful, and it isn´t easy to pull the wool over her eyes or take advantage of her. She cannot tolerate injustice and could react in a violent manner if she suspects iniquity of any kind. More or less hot-tempered anyway, Felicidad   isn´t the most tolerant of characters (especially with her loved ones), although she tries her best to be open and conciliatory. She is generous and possesses a profound sense of friendship so she is always there when you need her, and willing to help if she can. As a little girl she is amiable and responsible, albeit a little timorous and insecure. She isn´t necessarily all that into dolls and playing house, and could even be a bit of a "tomboy". Because she is anxious to please and be loved, she will make a lot of effort to maintain a harmonious relationship with her parents. She loathes conflict and aggression because her natural inclination is to love and serenity. She is actually much more sensitive and emotional than she seems to be, and her abrupt attitude often conceals great tenderness.


What does she like?
She is a perfectionist and could even be rather obsessive at times because she believes that a job worth doing is one that is worth doing well. She aspires to peace and harmony above all else and appreciates beauty, esthetics and art. In love, Felicidad   is highly selective and demanding. She can often be quite bossy and controlling, intent on doing things properly without realizing that she could be infringing upon the freedom of others. Furthermore, she possesses a critical mind which could make her judge people a little too harshly. A successful and fulfilling relationship is essential to her emotional equilibrium while having a family of her own is very important to her. She would make an attentive partner and a caring mother.


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What does she do?




Felicidad  ´s fulfilment depends on her professional achievement, as she was born for effort and action. She won´t be indifferent to the lucrative side of her chosen orientation, however she will choose her path with her heart rather than her head. On the same note, she is quite capable of putting her home and family life before her career. Occupations that are liable to capture her attention are those in connection with the giving of advice (teaching, psychology, social worker...), those in relation to the medical, paramedical or social domain (notably justice), or those in connection with figures and numbers (accountancy, management, finance, banking, numerology...).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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