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Meaning of name Esmaralda  

Etymology : Variant of ESMERALDA


Saint :


Origin : English (Rare)


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Gender : girl


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Numbers :

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Who is she?


With a master number as the key to this first name, we are - without a shadow of a doubt, in the presence of a powerful personality! Apparently detached and reserved, Esmaralda   is quite impressive due to her incredible poise combined with a solemn and even severe demeanour. Neither suggestible nor tractable, she is a responsible and solvent woman who intends to make it by herself without having to ask anybody for help, such is her proud and conceited nature... Such strength and determination can often make her come across as hard and unfeeling; but the truth is, she is no stranger to doubt and uncertainty, and is actually particularly emotionally fragile. Undoubtedly, Esmaralda   attempts to make up for this by trying to convince everyone that she is a tough-cookie - and that includes herself! But however well she manages to hide it, her sensitive and highly emotional nature is no less potent. She has a great need for love and seeks to please others and be liked in return. The people that really know her also know perfectly well that they can always come to her for help, kind words and comfort. Nevertheless, she is selective in friendship and is unlikely to get close to others unless she considers them worthy of her time and trust. Her moral character is sound and her principles non-negotiable, she loathes superficiality and thoughtlessness. If she manages to live in harmony with the vibrations of the 22 - which incite great ambition and an enormous capacity for work, she will be capable of prodigious or even grandiose material accomplishment. But this doesn´t mean that she won´t have any obstacles to contend with; indeed, hers is a long and difficult path which involves a considerable amount of nervous tension. More often than not, Esmaralda   experiences these influences an octave below, at the level of the 4; more restrictive, humdrum and monotonous, with possible difficulties in relation to the professional sphere (the 4/22 being karmic). Her destiny will depend heavily on her emotional environment - that is to say, her social, personal and familial relationships, because she often feels a sense of obligation or constraint in this area which can prevent her from attending to her own needs and desires... As a child, she tends to internalize a lot and can seem like a bit of a loner and it is true that she often feels quite alone. Thoughtful, responsible and trustworthy, she makes the perfect big sister. Her parents should be careful not to abuse these qualities and instead encourage her to socialize as much as possible! Her anxious nature can mean that she is already worrying about life´s potential difficulties while other children are still enjoying a life of ice-lollies and innocence.


What does she like?
A character in her own right, she enjoys solitude and is inclined to reflection and meditation, perhaps a little too much. She appreciates order and punctuality, while her lucid and rational nature confers her an analytical mind and a certain scepticism. All the same, she could equally take an interest in mystery, spirituality and the unusual. Emotionally, Esmaralda   is too secretive, reserved, uncompromising and demanding to be truly understood or fulfilled in a relationship. Things would be much simpler if she could learn to communicate better and get the proud voice in her head to be quiet.


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What does she do?




Because she is a rather cerebral and intellectual sort, Esmaralda   will be interested by research as well as all that is avant-garde. She could therefore be attracted by one of the following fields: science and technology, medicine, ecology, esthetics, decoration, fashion or dressmaking... If she experiences the influences of her master number, she could truly do anything she sets her mind to, and has the potential to be a roaring success.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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