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Meaning of name Enola  

Etymology : Meaning unknown. This name first appeared in the late 19th century.


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who are they?


Enola   and Arabella   are energetic and determined women, capable of taking on and assuming responsibility. They are ambitious, enterprising and not lacking in courage, especially when they are motivated. They are susceptible to varying moods, which at times can be drastic and they could be known to overstep the mark. But even so, they are generous, genuine and uncompromising; they can´t stand flattery and hate injustice with a passion. They could have a taste for risk-taking, and are more than capable of assuming the role of the leader, especially since they seek power and are capable of taking command. They are loyal and frank, and although they are endowed with virtues such as tact and diplomacy, they are capable of extremely violent reactions if they feel they have been unfairly attacked, or if their self-respect is at stake. Although they are quite sporty, they are nonetheless extremely feminine females who want to be admired and desired, and this could be manifested by a warm and friendly attitude or through careful attention to their appearance. They can be coquettish and refined, appreciate expensive jewelry and luxury clothing and have a taste for all that is elegant and beautiful, somewhat sensitive to exterior signs of wealth. Enola   and Arabella   could turn out to be excellent business women, because they are pragmatic and very practical. As children, they are very expressive and affectionate, although they are also possessive and uncompromising, as well as jealous and touchy, at times. These are extremely responsible little ladies who are eager to please and who can be trusted. Naturally sociable creatures, they are happiest when surrounded by a group of friends, who tend to follow in their wake. They know how to broaden their horizons and enjoy playing with both their brothers´ and sisters´ toys, where action meets daydreams...


What do they like?
Enola   and Arabella   enjoy the company of their friends and meeting new people, and seek union, association and cooperation with others. With the master number 11, they tend to be concerned with others wellbeing and are capable of great empathy and solidarity, with utopian ideals and an acute sense of friendship. They give very good advice and their support and comfort is sought after, which is fine with them, especially because they are very attentive listeners, and possess such fine psychological insight. Their romantic lives could be slightly more complicated, as they can be domineering and bossy, despite the fact that they can often be convinced that the opposite is true! In reality, they are extremely demanding, and success in their relationship is terribly important, if not vital, as far as they are concerned. They tend to seek perfection and demand the impossible at times. Any tolerance they could lay claim to in theory disappears completely when it comes to their beloved, whose flaws they cannot bring themselves to accept. To give them their due, they are usually fiercely loyal and faithful (although they can be possessive and jealous too), but they are so very charming, sensual and refined, and they make such superb housewives and wonderful mothers, and you´ll wonder how you ever managed without her.


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What do they do?




Enola   and Arabella   aren´t indifferent to the lucrative side of their chosen career, and are inclined to take advantage of their often favourable social origins in order to get ahead. They could be attracted to the advisory professions, those related to the fields of finance or economics, management or business, those related to elegance (hair-stylist, perfumery, decoration...), comfort (real estate, furniture ...), precision (industrial design, dental prosthesis...), attention to detail, dietetics, catering and gastronomy, or professions involving oral expression, and communications.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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