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Meaning of name Eligio  

Etymology : Italian and Spanish form of ELIGIUS


Saint :


Origin : Italian


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Gender : boy


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Numbers :

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Who is he?


Eligio   is a radiant and influential man (master number 11), who possesses an imposing, authoritarian and masculine character although he remains essentially warm, friendly and generous. He tends to takes great care of his appearance which could come across as a sort of vanity, or he may use his verbal talents for the purpose of seduction... Open-minded, communicative and inquisitive, he is interested in everything and loves sharing the knowledge that he acquires with others, which he does more or less cheerfully... He often conceals his extreme sensitivity behind a rather blunt and abrupt manner. He is honest, loyal and anything but lazy while he loathes pretense, flattery and deceit. Eligio   is capable of tremendous generosity and is always ready to help if he can. He seeks power and this endows him with formidable energy, determination and courage although he lacks tolerance for those who are less clever than he is and is even capable of bad faith at times, while he can certainly be quite argumentative. He is prone to experiencing high levels of emotional tension - often to the detriment of his internal equilibrium. Of course, the inherent risks of his master number are all sorts of excess: too much kindness or humility - and their opposites: megalomania, tyranny, abuse of power and Machiavellianism... As a child, he is brave and determined and already knows exactly what he wants. A conflict of authority could arise from an upbringing that is too lax or interfering, but his parents can rest assured, he is somebody who can be trusted.


What does he like?
Eligio   enjoys power, appreciates possessions and is rather materialist all things considered, even opportunist at times. Financial security is necessary to his well-being, not only for the comfort it brings, but also for the opportunity to share his wealth with his friends and family, to whom he is terribly attached. In love, he is honest, frank and direct, while his own exemplary loyalty doesn´t leave room for others´ betrayal, which can make him extremely bitter and angry! But as long as you treat him right you´ll have a heart that will keep you warm for a lifetime because deep down, he is as tender and affectionate as a puppy...


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What does he do?




With the 29 as an active number, Eligio   was born to succeed. However, this will not be without considerable emotional or nervous tension. The professions that are likely to interest him could be of a manual or artisanal nature (mechanic, technician, tailor or butcher), of a technical or managerial orientation (engineer, mathematician, accountant, bank clerk, chemist), in connection with the social sciences (counsellor, teacher), or a career in marketing.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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Awesome ?? vert accurate Eligio 2017-01-23
WOW!!! Incredible the highlights and the similarities with my own personality. Amazing! Jos Eligio 2014-08-25
This has me to the T! On point! Eligio 2014-02-24

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