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Meaning of name Eldon  

Etymology : From a surname which was from a place name meaning "Ella's hill" in Old English.


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Eldon   is a pleasant and agreeable man, who is not without a certain charm. Of exemplary responsibility in both his professional and personal lives, he is equally a man who can be counted upon. Such maturity and consideration, along with his mild and protective disposition make being in his presence is a pleasant and reassuring experience. His is the shoulder that feels good to cry on, which doesn´t bother him at all because he is happy to give advice and truly cares about those around him, in any case he can´t bear an unpleasant atmosphere for very long. Quite often, Eldon   is a sophisticated and courteous man with a great love of harmony and beauty. Obliging and peace loving, he is tactful and diplomatic and above all a gentleman, rare qualities these days! Sociable and altruistic, his fellow human beings´ happiness is probably as important as his own. He refuses to conform and tends to approach everything he does with originality. His acute sense of justice often causes him to feel intense anger, occasionally cumulating with an "explosion". Intuitive and perceptive, he is observant and in possession of a sharp, analytical mind as well as a flair for detail and he masters the art of deduction. Lastly, Eldon   is proud, a perfectionist, and his willpower depends predominantly on his level of motivation. As a child he can be quite enchanting: kind, considerate and helpful. He would make a wonderful big brother, protective and affectionate as he is. Neverthelesss, with the karmic 6, it is necessary to teach him about responsibility from an early age, to avoid him becoming too spoiled or indeed neglected, which could lead to a life of laxity and irresponsibility.


What does he like?
Eldon   wants to charm everyone´s socks off, and he hates conflict and aggression. A perfectionist, verging on obsessive, he can´t help but focus on the details, and can be known for "splitting hairs". This could manifest as an exaggerated sense of order or punctuality, indeed he can be particularly anxious when things don´t go as planned. Sensual, Eldon   is a devoted Epicurean and is very sensitive to the comfort of his surroundings. Romantically, he is just as demanding, and always gets what he wants, through manipulation if necessary because he understands intimately the intricate workings of others minds. When it comes to commitment, he often has trouble making up his mind, and the choice is usually a tough one. This is something that could pose him with a real problem, one that only he is capable of resolving...


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What does he do?




Several directions are possible: the social and healthcare fields (paramedic, pharmacology, and nutrition), the legal fields (lawyer, solicitor, magistrate or clerk), the fields of psychology or parapsychology as well as the artistic and esthetic professions. If life doesn´t give him the choice, it would undoubtedly be due to the influence of his family (he could even take over the family business) or he could seek an occupation that demands precision (watchmaker, jeweller, dental technician...), or in connection with property management, decoration, cuisine and gastronomy or travel.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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This is a perfect description of my late husband, Eldon Joan Buell 2016-03-05

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