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Meaning of name Dima

Etymology : Means "downpour" in Arabic.


Saint :


Origin : Arabic


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Dima is a discreet and unusual woman who is surrounded by an aura of mystery, probably due to her seemingly aloof and distant demeanour. Indeed, she is very secretive, enigmatic and possesses impressive self-mastery. She emanates an air of calm which can often be mistaken for detachment or icy indifference, however she is simply an unusual, solitary character who is often misunderstood by those around her. Her inquiring mind can often lead her to analysis, criticism and scepticism while simultaneously pushing her to explore spirituality and the irrational. She is inclined to introspection, which combined with her intuition makes her an excellent judge of character and allows her to assess situations objectively. Her logical, rational mind and her fascination with existential questions lead her to seek fundamental truths and explore the profound, hidden side of reality; indeed she is anything but ordinary. With her acute sensitivity and wary nature, she often chooses to keep herself to herself and she cultivates her individualism. Extremely independent and idealistic, she isn´t particularly bothered about material prosperity and she tends to conceal her sensitivity behind a façade of irony and cynicism. She is actually a highly anxious and nervous individual who lacks confidence in herself and others, oscillating between egoism and solitude on the one hand (especially if she was born in July or on a 7th 16th or 25th of any given month, or if her life Path Number is 7), and altruism and sociability on the other (especially if she was born in September, on a 9th, 18th or 27th, or if her life Path Number is 9). As a child, Dima is shy, reticent and unassuming with a tendency to become withdrawn. A decidedly nervous and worrisome little girl, she requires constant reassurance and would benefit enormously from participation in group activities which would allow her to develop her sociability and sense of solidarity. Because she has an inquisitive mind she is inclined to ask a lot of questions and her parents would be advised to remain attentive and approachable whilst encouraging her to communicate.


What does she like?
Dima likes anything that is out of the ordinary and hopes one day to be part of a group or community that shares her ideals and convictions. She is a passionate lady who is strongly attracted to the paranormal, the idea of utopia, religion and all that is weird or wonderful. She aspires to truth and unity but can also easily become disillusioned, possibly even deeply cynical or misanthropic. A sentimental soul, she is a true romantic who spends quite a lot of time daydreaming. Reality tends to disappoint her and she may have difficulty reaching certain levels of awareness. A sensitive and modest person, she often feels lonely and misunderstood.


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What does she do?




She is often attracted to original, independent or avant-garde professions such as fashion or broadcasting, occupations connected with travel, night-work or in connection with the latest technology (information technology for example), as well as the domains of health and justice...



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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