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Meaning of name Cystennin  

Etymology : Welsh form of CONSTANTINE


Saint :


Origin : Welsh


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Cystennin   is an affectionate and friendly soul who enjoys the company of others. He is emotional and sensitive although he appears phlegmatic; corresponding reasonably well with an asthenic temperament (he is often influenced by the Moon or Cancer). For him, life seems to be pretty plain sailing, because Cystennin  , rather slow and steady, isn´t really dynamic, neither is he particularly enterprising or determined, preferring to put off till tomorrow the things that he could do today. Fairly dependent on his environment (particularly the maternal and feminine influences), Cystennin   is sensitive to the given ambiance and can go from indolence or laziness to over-activity with the emotional stimulation of a romantic or platonic relationship, and his moods can be unpredictable. Everything depends on his level of motivation, alternating between periods of life in slow motion and others that are much more hectic, seized by a sudden impulse which can disappear just as quickly... because he has an exasperating tendency to live more in his daydreams than in the real world! His assets are his charm, kindness, helpfulness and camaraderie. His psychological insight, coupled with fine intuitive abilities and plenty of know-how go some way towards compensating for his laziness. Choosing a social and often humanitarian cause will motivate him and allow him to live his Master Number 11. Cystennin   is particularly likely to flourish by realizing his dreams, which would bestow him with a certain amount of strength and help him to leave immaturity behind along with his need to be supported, by taking responsibility for himself (especially if he was born on the 11th, in November, or if he has a life Path Number of 11). As a child, he is endearing, affectionate and kind, making him hard to resist. Nevertheless, his parents would do well not to succumb to his angelic smile, and will need to be gentle but firm with him. Cystennin   would benefit from an early education regarding the notions of work, discipline, orderliness and responsibility... because such concepts are generally not included in his personality. Because he is anxious to do well and therefore heavily influenced by his family circle, his heart´s desire will be to make you happy. It would be a good idea to encourage him to take music lessons at a relatively tender age because he is a musician and an artist at heart. His education will depend very much on the family environment: he will require encouragement to do his work, although his excellent memory will prove to be a valuable asset.


What does he like?
Cystennin   likes to escape: into the fantasy world of his imagination or by travelling in the real world. He has a bohemian side and just like the grasshopper he appreciates an easy life and the freedom to indulge in the pleasures of this world. Change suits him perfectly as does travel, and he often gets itchy feet. His active number 29 represents fragility and intense emotional strain, which can be felt acutely in his romantic life and even has an impact on his professional competence. He possesses many emotional qualities; however he often remains very dependent on his other half who often has to mother him (unless he changes from 2 to 11). Furthermore, sensual and voracious, he dreams of a lover who would fulfil him completely... although he often finds himself in complex or even absurd situations.


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What does he do?




He could rely on his family, because he isn´t always very resolute when it comes to choosing a career. He frequently chooses to exercise the same profession as one of his parents, or he could join the family business (particularly in the food and catering industry). Otherwise, he could be tempted by a position as a public servant, occupations where he could feel useful to others, those in connection with children (teacher, psychologist or facilitator...), those that would allow him to apply his intuitive abilities as well as a career related to sales and travel (especially if he has a life Path Number of 5).



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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