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Meaning of name Craig  

Etymology : From a Scottish surname which was derived from Gaelic creag meaning "crag" or "rocks", originally indicating a person who lived near a crag.


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Origin : Scottish


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Craig   is a contradictory character as a result of certain dual energies: the 1, a masculine influence which can cause him to be self-centred and crave attention, also provokes an active and independent attitude which could make him appear more self-confident than he really is, even giving him an air of arrogance and aloofness. The 2 is characterized by a tendency to be more passive and dependent, as well as highly sensitive and therefore a good listener with great consideration for others. He seamlessly oscillates between these two influences, and this strange alchemy tends to make him an elusive and complex individual. Just when you think you know Craig  , strong, responsible and self-assured, who answers to no law but his own, now and then you could be surprised to find yourself face to face with this shy and vulnerable creature who seems so unsure of himself. Except he only ever reveals the second aspect of his nature to his close friends and family, his pride refuses to let him to show any sign of weakness, however insignificant... If he lives in harmony with the vibrations of his master number, Craig   will have high ideals and the world could be his oyster, if he so wishes. He would even have a certain influence on others, especially since he has such a caring and reassuring attitude. It is often in the fields of creation or the humanities that he will shine the brightest. Intuition, imagination and sensitivity could coexist with distinction, idealism and perfection. Of course, if he does reach the highest peaks, it won´t be without a certain amount difficulty or nervous tension. However, Craig   could also choose to experience these vibrations an octave below, that is to say in the vibrations of the 2, and settle for a safer, quieter life, involving collaboration or association, for example, and requiring much less personal effort. Whatever he decides, he will remain a sociable man, communicative, sensitive and helpful, who has a profound understanding of friendship. As a child, the duality of the 1 versus the 2 is probably even more problematic. He can be touchy, getting upset at the slightest setback, and can be known to get carried away by his anger, resentment or jealousy when he feels he isn´t good enough, clever enough or whatever. If things aren´t going well at school (which is nevertheless rare) it would be a good idea to find another outlet for his creative mind, such as a hobby that he could become passionate about, develop, and eventually excel at. It is also very important for his parents to encourage him to develop his sociability and sense of sharing.


What does he like?
He likes to be in control and to lead, to dominate, to shine and be an inspiration for others, because he is rather image conscious... He is an esthete with a love of beauty and a taste for quality, there is something almost noble about him (often influenced by the sign of Leo). Emotionally, he is elitist and wants to both admire and be admired, which is not always possible, especially if he is with a partner who tends to steal his thunder... But Craig   is an upright and honest man, and an idealist, even if he is a rather authoritarian and tries to impose his tastes on others.


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What does he do?




He is likely to be tempted by one of the liberal professions, as this would enable him to be his own boss, the concept of hierarchy posing a problem for him. He could lean towards one of the artistic professions (actor), a creative occupation or one in relation to esthetics, luxury goods, jewelry or paintings, especially if he has a life Path Number of 6; or a career in management, as a representative, teacher, or those related to the social sector, counseling (psychology, astrology, justice...).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Craig  "

Comment Pseudo Date
I find it funny that some of you think a name makes a person..lol.. you think it makes them tight with there money, short in height , nerdy, or have "boring" jobs, or just boring people.. you need to open your eyes and wake up.. Craig 2017-02-13
Well, now I know what to do. Everything stated was 600% correct. How the grace of God, someone hits the hammer on the nail so perfect. Tell me that secret. I want to know this higher power. Craig 2016-01-12
My Name is Craig, and this could not be more right on. It is almost freaking me out! Craig 2015-12-21
Funny... what Craig wrote I could see my son writing ridiculously funny! 2015-10-18
Craig is the best name ever. So good infact that I named all three of my kids Craig (after myself) and changed our last name to Craig too. Craig for the win! Craig 2015-04-02
i know a craig - he is 6ft 1in very athletic and good looking no they are nor all ugly and short !! and hes Scottish LORNA 2015-02-04
My name is craig. I am Scottish and 6.2ft and work in advertising. 2014-01-21
Craig is a shit name,its true they are all short geeky types,its a Scottish name though and Scots are short,ugly,boring,bad tempered,alcoholics with a bad diet so that explains it. 2013-08-30
Funny name Craig I have met 5 or 6 over the years and all of them have been short,like under 5ft2 why is that? Are they of poor stock.All were like needy virgin types,losers,never in a relationship and single. All they talked about was work and that they are successful lies obviously to paint over insecurities. Oh well nothing personal intended. Becci 2013-05-03
Yea they all have boring jobs like a draughtsman or machinist/engineer and talk about work work work.I dated two Craig's both worked for engineering companies using computers to make small components or something like that all they talked about.Come to think of it they both had small components if you know what I mean lol. Another think CRAIGS ARE TIGHT with money like really tight.And generally boring. Sarah 2013-05-03

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