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Meaning of name Cissy

Etymology : Variant of SISSY


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Cissy is a sensitive woman who is naturally graceful and emanates an air of balance and harmony. On first meeting her, her shyness can make her appear distant, reserved and secretive; but she is actually very anxious to be liked. Deeply attached to her emotional, familial and social values, she is a generous lady who likes to make others happy and cannot bear violence or aggression. She is particularly sensitive and worries about being misunderstood. In addition, Cissy possesses a conciliatory spirit. She is refined and fond of the finer things in life, meaning that she values wealth. She is very determined and strong willed, however doubt and hesitation can make her falter. Her personality could be divided between two antagonistic tendencies, more or less pronounced depending on her family environment, the vibrations of her day or month of birth and her life Path Number. She could therefore be inclined to soul-searching and reflection, even intellectuality or spirituality with a great thirst for knowledge. Or indeed she could be more prosaic and pragmatic, preferring action in the physical realm to the ponderings of the mind... These two attitudes are not incompatible and could co-exist at different times (especially if she was born on the 7th of August or the 8th of July). If she has a birthday in July, it will definitely be the more thoughtful and introverted tendency that will prevail during childhood; but if she was born in August she will be more irritable, quick-tempered, possessive and active. In both cases, she will remain a very sensitive child. It is important to give her a certain amount of responsibility - which she will take perfectly seriously - while providing her with plenty of love and affection. Otherwise, Cissy could become indolent or apathetic with a tendency to isolate herself from the world... Lastly, due to her extremely sensitive nature, she cannot tolerate injustice which can make her quite beside herself with anger.


What does she like?
Loyalty is a fundamental value as far as she´s concerned. She aspires to beauty and greatness, and will do what it takes to make her dreams come true. Her courage is unshakeable once she has set her heart on something and she likes to be in the driving seat, in both her professional and personal lives. A perfectionist at heart, she is in search of that rare pearl and can sometimes be quite obsessive; the man of her dreams is expected to be handsome, refined, witty, intelligent, extremely well-off, and obviously of irreproachable moral character... While she can take a long time making up her mind, her active number 42 means that she is nevertheless capable of great devotion for those she loves.


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What does she do?




Cissy could decide to follow in the professional footprints of one of her parents. If this is not the case, she could be tempted by a career in connection with finance, business or marketing; an occupation requiring precision or related to esthetics..., otherwise she may find her niche in the practise of a specialization (particularly medical or paramedical).



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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