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Meaning of name Chloe  

Etymology : Means "green shoot" in Greek


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who are they?


Chloe   and Maeleth   are unique and bewildering women who appear quite mysterious... Possibly because they are secretive, or because their outside appearance contrasts sharply with their inner nature; or perhaps this enigmatic air is due to their original and non-conformist attitude. They are incredibly charming and one could easily assume that they are shallow or fickle, when in reality they are profound, thoughtful and inclined to introspection. It´s true that there is a striking difference between their apparently non-stop activity and their search for genuineness, accompanied by a need for personal reflection... In actual fact, they are excessively nervous and this tension could be expressed by a hectic schedule and a high level of activity. This could lead them to become dissipated and spread themselves too thinly, as if they wanted to embrace everything at once by seizing all of the opportunities that life presents them with. Indeed, they could be capable of impulsive behaviour if they allow their emotions free reign or their curiosity to get the better of them, while at other times they can be very level-headed. Paradoxically, haste and reflection co-exist as part of their cyclothymic personality. When times are prosperous and they feel confident, they are capable of the noblest deeds, revealing themselves to be charming, productive and witty. However if the ambiance isn´t great, they are likely to become self-contained, solitary and almost asocial. Furthermore, they are fascinated by anything that is out of the ordinary, original, unheard of or heterodox, and could be inclined to take the road less travelled. As children, Chloe   and Maeleth   could be lively and spontaneous little girls who are into everything (especially if they were born on a 5th, 14th, 23rd, in May, or if their life Path Number is 5); or much more introverted, secretive, discreet, academically gifted and inclined to ponder the great mysteries of existence (particularly if they were born on a 7th, 16th, 25th, in July, or if they have a life Path Number of 7). They are nevertheless dependent on their affective environment and will only make an effort if they are sure it will please their parents or their teacher - especially if they feel an affinity with the latter... With their fertile imagination and highly developed intuition, they are subject to sudden surges of euphoria or anger which tend to be followed by feelings of despondency. Their parents should therefore make sure that harmony prevails in the family home and provide them with plenty of encouragement, love and affection.


What do they like?
With their master number 11, Chloe   and Maeleth   could be strongly drawn to noble causes - of a humanitarian nature, for example; and take an interest in psychology, astrology, graphology, religion or politics, with utopian aspirations. However they could equally decide to settle for a life of day-dreams, by living at the vibrational level of the number 2, which are less intense. In this case they are likely to seek fulfilment through their personal and romantic relationships, and possess an acute sense of friendship. Their love life is extremely important to them, and they reveal themselves to be conciliatory, accommodating, sensitive and dependable when in a relationship. However they often tend to feel misunderstood or unloved and can be inclined to solitude; but is this because they are more attentive to others´ needs than their own, or because their modesty and reserve combined with their private and unsociable nature are confusing to others?


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What do they do?




Since they are quite unconventional, they are likely to choose a career that is out of the ordinary: at the cutting edge or of a very specialized nature for example, whether it be of a technical or scientific (information technology) character or connected with fashion; it will probably be varied and mobile. Otherwise, occupations in connection with sales and marketing, travel, advertising, journalism or dance could appeal to them... They are equally likely to take an interest in the social sciences or activities involving the giving of advice.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Chloe  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Describes me exactly. Chloe 2018-02-02
Faye is my first name and this is the other side of my personality 2017-02-17
Scary accurate, right down to the interest in psychology Chloe 2017-02-05
This is nothing like me o_o... Chloe 2015-08-28
this is nothing like me me my number is ment to be number 3 and allso i am verry cheekie chloe 2014-06-04
This describes me exactly except the job chloe 2014-04-14
This is NOTHING like me. What kind of bullcrap is this? O_o Chloe 2014-02-11
Not completely like me. Although I do like economics and have received several academic awards. Chloe 2014-02-11
strangely enough, this describes me exactly o_o Chloe 2013-01-12

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