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Meaning of name Chander  

Etymology : Variant of CHANDRA


Saint :


Origin : Indian


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Gender : boy


Country :


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Who is he?


Chander   is a warm, friendly and cheerful man (often ruled by Jupiter - his first name adds up to 12 like Jupiter´s cycle, or born under the sign of Gemini), who is generally enthusiastic - exuberant even, and this just makes him even more likeable. He can seem very impressive with his shrewd and brilliant mind, his strong personality and eloquence of speech combined with an ability to grasp ideas quickly and take appropriate action. Something of an opportunist, Chander   knows how to be charming and excels in the art of seduction while he proves to be an extremely adaptable individual. He is a sociable creature who enjoys being the centre of attention and is often inclined to exaggerate, either to amuse himself or to impress his audience, thereby monopolizing the situation to ensure that he remains the star of the show. Sensitive to flattery, he is a little narcissistic and likes to set an example for others. This could be expressed through great attention in the way he dresses or by a very self-assured demeanour - in part due to his already healthy self-esteem but also because luck usually tends to intervene in his favour. As a child, Chander   is endearing and hyperactive, into everything and of insatiable curiosity which can be exhausting for his parents who he is inclined to question incessantly. However, the rewards won´t be far behind because he tends to be a good student. It is nevertheless important to nip his narcissism in the bud, otherwise he could be inclined to take himself rather too seriously. Furthermore, he will need to learn about the notions of tolerance and work, because more often than not he tends to have a penchant the path of least resistance.


What does he like?
Chander   is eager to please and likes to seduce, charm and converse with his peers. He is far from indifferent to the pleasures that this world has to offer and appreciates beautiful objects, comfort and a cosy home while he is greatly influenced by his family. In matters of the heart, he is terribly demanding and seeks true perfection thereby running the risk of never really finding the ideal partner. Furthermore, when in a relationship he tends to be quite critical and pernickety, almost certainly due to his fussy and highly strung nature. Lastly, he isn´t a particularly sentimental soul - indeed he is more of an Epicurean and a sensualist.


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What does he do?




A social butterfly, Chander   is likely to be attracted by a career in connection with business and commerce, communication or oral or written expression..., in liaison with creation and the artistic domain or in some way related to real estate or the hotel business.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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