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Meaning of name Bridget  

Etymology : Anglicized form of the Irish name Brighid which means "exalted one"


Saint :


Origin : Irish


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Friendly and affectionate, Bridget   appreciates the company of others. She is emotional and sensitive but appears to be quite phlegmatic and corresponds well with the asthenic type (she is often marked by the Moon or Cancer). For her, life seems to be a long, peaceful river, and she emanates calm and gentleness. Indeed, Bridget   isn´t particularly dynamic or enterprising, nor is she especially determined; she much prefers to put off until tomorrow that which she could easily do today, if she happened to be so inclined. Her emotions depend on her environment - most particularly the maternal and feminine sphere. She is highly receptive which can result in an apparently cyclothymic personality... Depending on her level of motivation, she can go from life in slow-motion to a much more hectic schedule when seized by a sudden impulsion which, incidentally, can disappear just as swiftly. She has an annoying tendency to spend more time daydreaming than living in the real world. Her most valuable assets include her charming, kind and helpful manner, her spirit of camaraderie and a firm grasp of psychology combined with a well-developed intuition, virtues that surely compensate for her inclination to be lazy. Furthermore, Bridget   has plenty of know-how. If she is able to take a social or humanitarian path in life this will provide her with the motivation she needs and she will have the opportunity to reach fulfilment through the accomplishment of her goals. With maturity comes a certain strength, and no longer needing to be supported by others, Bridget   will be ready to assume responsibility for herself, notably if she was born on the 11th or 29th, in November, or if her life Path Number is 11). As a child, she is kind and gentle, affectionate and endearing and it is difficult to refuse her anything. Nevertheless, her parents would be wise not to succumb to her charms and her angelic smile. By all means be tender, but remain firm. She will need to learn about the notions of work, discipline, order and duty as soon as possible, because these are not particularly well defined elements of her personality. Because she is eager to please and do the right thing, she is likely to do as her parents suggest if she thinks that it will make them happy. She is often a gifted artist and it would be a good idea to encourage her to learn to play a musical instrument early on in life. Her educational success will depend largely on the familial environment. Bridget   isn´t a big fan of hard work, however luckily she possesses an excellent memory.


What does she like?
She enjoys fantasizing, dreams of escape and loves to travel, something of a bohemian at heart. Just like the grasshopper in the infamous fable, she enjoys an easy life, freedom to taste the pleasures of this world and allowing her imagination to run wild. She is open to change and her suitcase will be packed in five minutes flat if she thinks that there is a chance that she will get to explore distant lands. In matters of the heart, she certainly has many virtues although she tends to remain rather dependent on her partner from whom she expects support and protection. In return, she is a sensual and affectionate woman who dreams of a tender, loving man with whom she can raise a family and live happily ever after.


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What does she do?




The family environment could have some sway in her professional choice, because Bridget   can lack resolve when it comes to her career and frequently chooses to practice the same occupation as one of her parents or join the family business (notably in the food or catering industries), however she could simply choose the vocation of a mother and housewife. Otherwise, she could be tempted by a career as a public servant or occupations that are directly beneficial to others, those in connection with children and where intuition is an important factor (teacher, psychologist or activity leader) or occupations linked to sales and travel, especially if she was born on a 5th, 14th, 23rd or if her life Path Number is 5.



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