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Meaning of name Brân  

Etymology : Variant of BRAN


Saint :


Origin : Welsh Mythology


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Gender : boy


Country :


Numbers :

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Who are they?


Reserved and rather wary, Brân   and Igor   don´t feel very comfortable with social interaction. Underneath their aloof and distant appearance they are in fact extremely sensitive, even painfully so, because they are unable to express their emotions. They would definitely benefit from cultivating better relationships... They possess little confidence in themselves and are quite anxious creatures, prone to constant worry, scepticism or even pessimism. Not particularly intuitive, these men prefer to rely on sound and sensible judgement based on tangible evidence (they are often intellectual types), while they tend to believe that success is a result of personal effort and discipline rather than pure chance. They have their principles and their moral code is quite strict - even stifling. They often lack flexibility and adaptability, and they can be pretty stubborn at times. They loathe superficiality, pretentiousness and thoughtlessness while they aspire to stability and security - particularly where their finances are concerned which makes them great at saving money. They progress slowly but very surely in life and don´t mind a certain amount of routine. They can lack imagination at times and are nature-lovers at heart who dislike crowds and loud noise, inclined to seek a certain isolation. They tend to agree with Lord Byron when he said that it is often in solitude that we are least alone. Rather Cartesian and in possession of a rational and analytical mind, they have an eye for detail and approach everything they do with lucidity because they like to keep a cool head. Nevertheless, with the karmic 7, Brân   and Igor   can occasionally be drawn to spirituality, the irrational and the stranger side of life... It´s certainly true that they often come across as being rather enigmatic characters. As children, they are vulnerable because they are easily worried and tend to be quite inhibited. Their parents should therefore make sure that they feel secure and provide them with plenty of encouragement. One must never rush these highly strung little boys whose pace of life is naturally slow. They would rather play games from the safety of their bedroom than take part in a game of football, preferring solitary activities to those involving other children and this is exactly the area in which they will need a little encouragement in order for them to properly develop their social and communication skills.


What do they like?
Brân   and Igor   appreciate calm, peace and quiet and the sweet comfort and security of their homes. They seek perfection in everything, resulting in an obsession with order and a slightly manic fussiness. They are also quite sensitive to beauty and esthetics, and are inclined to a certain refinement. Their romantic lives are important as is the creation of a safe haven that they can call home, and they are prepared to make tremendous effort in order to maintain domestic harmony. Nevertheless, things won´t always be that simple for them (karmic 6), because the search for that rare pearl isn´t necessarily guaranteed to be a success, which can result in certain disillusions. However, if they do happen to strike gold, the lady in question will have every reason to be equally delighted because they are good men; gentle, kind and considerate souls who won´t hesitate to pull their weight when it comes to doing the household chores.


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What do they do?




They often take over the family business (retail, catering...). Otherwise, they are likely to be attracted by a career in the artistic or esthetic domains (joinery, architecture, decoration, antiques, art trading...), or in connection with fashion, occupations related to law or medicine, those related to nature, animals or the natural sciences and finally, those related to accounting, management, banking or the civil service.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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