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Meaning of name Bernadetta

Etymology : Courage, bear (Germanic).


Saint :


Origin : Italian


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Gender : girl


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Numbers :

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Who is she?


The 59, the number that corresponds to Bernadetta´s personality, confers her an impulsive and reckless tendency along with the inevitable incidents that can result from such behaviour. Indeed, the effect of the 5 (note that there are five letters with a value of 5 in this first name - which is a lot!) is greatly amplified by the number of inwardness, the 3, which can result in rather disorderly behaviour. She is a lively and curious individual who wants to go faster than her own shadow, is highly strung and often treats life like a game of poker. Tempted by adventure, she is quite care-free, fiercely independent and refuses restriction with an appetite for life that is quite contagious. Furthermore, she has an answer for everything and her power of seduction combined with her sense of humour and shrewd mind gives her a certain ascendancy over others. Her biggest flaw is that she is not always particularly determined and her adaptability could work against her; into everything, she enthusiastically begins a thousand tasks but hardly ever finishes any. If she manages to live in harmony with the vibrations of her master number 11 (number of exteriority), by reaching for the stars; she could access a passionate life where originality, inspiration and intuition all have their place (emotional upheaval and depression are not to be ruled out, as they often go hand in hand with such a high level of emotional excitement). Otherwise, Bernadetta will live these vibrations an octave below at the level of the 2, the reduced expression of 11, and will in this case seek association, life as a couple or to support and care for others... As a child, Bernadetta should be closely monitored and a firm upbringing is the best way forward where this clever, talkative and versatile little girl is concerned, as she can be rather unstable and is quick as a flash. She could be an early bloomer, sexually speaking; which obviously could pose certain problems... Parents, use all your powers to resist her devastating charm and avoid indulging in her tendency to embellish reality, or even to be untruthful. Get her to join her local theatre group, or practice a musical instrument as this will allow her to experience her emotional nature in a positive and beneficial way.


What does she like?
Bernadetta enjoys games, life´s pleasures and communication. All the world´s a stage, as far as she is concerned. She appreciates change and loves travelling. In matters of the heart, she is a passionate soul who is no stranger to « love at first sight » and getting carried away by her emotions in a most exaggerated and unreasonable fashion. However, her flame often quickly flickers and dies, faithfulness not really being her strong point. A enchantress and a heartbreaker, her love life is important to her and the intimacy of a romantic relationship is nevertheless necessary to her emotional equilibrium, which can often be fragile.


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What does she do?




When it comes to choosing her career, she is likely to be seduced by all that moves and evolves in the first instance; otherwise, Bernadetta will compensate by changing occupations frequently. She could be attracted to sales and representation, advertising, journalism, comedy or real estate; or a career as a guide or an air hostess (especially if she was born on a 5th, 12th, 14th, 21st, 23rd or 30th of the month; if she has a life Path Number of 3 or 5; or if she was born in March or May), temporary work, office or administrative work... If the 2 prevails (if she was born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th day of the month; in February, or if she has a life Path Number of 2), she will be drawn to occupations with a humanitarian orientation, those requiring intuition and an understanding of the workings of the human mind or in connection with spirituality; or if she lives at the level of the number 11 (if she was born when the sun was in Aquarius, on the 11th or 29th day of the month or has a life Path Number of 11), she is likely to choose an occupation in connection with advice, counselling or teaching...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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