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Meaning of name Ava  

Etymology : Variant of EVE


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Ava   is a charming, pleasant and attractive woman who is eager to please and be loved in return. Emotionally she is sensitive, sympathetic and considerate, and is prepared to make considerable efforts to ensure that peace and harmony prevail in her world. She is just as sensitive to beauty, and hers is no exception. She tends to take care of her physical appearance and is usually impeccably turned-out, down to the finest details. Her weakest link is her hypersensitivity which - combined with her active imagination and nervous disposition - occasionally results in bouts of anxiety. Ava   expects her family to provide the security and protection that are necessary for her equilibrium and well-being. She is an easy-going and sociable individual who enjoys life´s pleasures and communicates with ease, charm, diplomacy and humor. The association of the karmic 2 with the 22 is not at all easy to live with, because the former tendency can cause her to be fragile, timid and inclined to dependency; whilst the latter pushes her to great, even grandiose achievements. She could either attempt to achieve her goals by developing her strengths of perfectionism, patience and determination (although that is not to say that things will be plain sailing, and she remains susceptible to anxiety), or she could choose to escape into her inner sanctuary of daydreams and imagination, indolence and indecision, perhaps finding solace in a lover´s arms to compensate for her lack of ambition. As a child, she can be somewhat temperamental and overemotional, although she is usually quite timid, very impressionable and dependent on her environment. It is imperative that she learns to be autonomous and responsible as early as possible, her parents can help her to feel secure by always telling her the truth. They should be careful not to be over-protective though, because this child knows how to soften you up, and you could be tempted to indulge in her every whim just to avoid the drama of tears or hysterics when she doesn´t get her way. This would be a huge mistake and would only contribute to the exacerbation of these latent tendencies and further infantilize her. Ava   requires a lot of love and affection, and if it isn´t forthcoming, she may find other, much less healthy ways to attract her parents´ attention.


What does she like?
She likes getting together with others, to cooperate and collaborate, and emotional support has a springboard effect on her. Love is obviously essential to this emotionally focused female, who often denies her emotional needs. The karmic 2 is often a clue to impatience and can make romantic relationships quite difficult (her active number 42 is already indicative of familial strain). There are two distinct possibilities: either she becomes the perfect housewife and fulfilled mother on reaching maturity; or indeed she rejects motherhood and remains somewhat immature, relying a little too much on other people.


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What does she do?




Because she is so impressionable, the home environment is likely to have a significant influence on her future. If it is favourable, stimulating, and she has the opportunity to live her 22, a life of outstanding professional accomplishment could be possible, often of a humanitarian nature or related to creativity. Otherwise, Ava   could be drawn to the professions related to counselling, childcare, medicine, health and social care or ecology, occupations in connection with esthetics, art and craft, management or economy, or those requiring precision.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Ava  "

Comment Pseudo Date
That is NOT me in the slightest LOL. I am not pretty at all and my room isn't clean at all. Ava 2015-11-08
I work in the Job centre and their is a form there called the AVA form its about claiming benefits. Always makes me laugh because all the chavs have named their kids AVA and they ask for the form an AVA form for AVA haha. Olivia 2013-07-24
Its true I agree Ava is a bit chavvy. It was a nice name but its been ruined because all the chavs between the years 2010-2013 have named their kids Ava so their is going to be loads of them around that era. Their will be like 5 Ava's in each class haha. The name is just too common now. Ava=Chav. Victoria 2013-07-24
Ava is a horrid name it sounds like a robot. Or a model of a Hoover or something. I wouldn't even name a pet Ava. Marie 2013-07-24
Vintage beauty, plenty admire and so they should she is of class. Will though nearly always be a spoilt and harsh on people. She is quiet and needs you to be patient. Then you can meet the real her. Not naturally intelligent though dosnt suffer fools,she is not to be trifled with. Career in hairdressing or of something similar is likely. She is a follower not a leader and must be encouraged to be more unique at times. She is though majestic and needs to be kept out of life's dangers as she can be naive pseudo 2012-09-15

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