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Meaning of name April  

Etymology : From the name of the month, probably originally derived from Latin aperire "to open", referring to the opening of flowers


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Thanks to the omnipresence of the number 9, April   is an extraordinary woman who is disposed to excess, and her policy seems to be "all or nothing" much of the time, meaning that her itinerary could take her to the highest peaks as well as towards certain chasms... This influence also nudges her in the direction of others - to the world and to the public. In any case, April   certainly doesn´t leave people indifferent and could go far with the right support - with the chance to be even more successful if she approaches life with a selfless attitude. She is an unconventional character who doesn´t like to follow the beaten track and knows no limitations. April   is fascinated by elsewhere - be it geographically, intellectually or spiritually. She seeks to surpass herself and break the mould of habit and convention. This can often make her appear enigmatic and others could perceive her as a visionary or a nonconformist, or even an outsider. However, more often than not, April   is drawn to contact with the public, but destiny could present her with the other aspects of the number 9: overseas travel, altruism, humanitarian or philanthropic orientations. It is quite possible that she goes through different stages before achieving a state of perfect detachment, she needs to feel secure in the material realm before she can dedicate herself to others, and April   is not indisposed to a little soul searching. She needs to believe in what she does, and it is not inconceivable that she one day achieves a certain notoriety or another form of recognition. Her tendency to daydream, her sensuality and the nature of her ultimate quest, could, if she isn´t able to materialize her aspirations, lead her to artificial paradises. As a child, April   can be oversensitive, emotional and unpredictable, and one needs to understand her to be able to love her, although her perception of the truth may seem alien to you and her incredible stories shocking. But what if her rich imagination, her dreams of splendor and utopian convictions were the seeds of her future vocation? Tell yourself that affectivity is her source of nourishment and that if she feels misunderstood, escape could be her chosen solution...


What does she like?
Honourable causes and grand ideas, with humane and spiritual values in mind. April   tends to think big, and her idealism knows no limits. Her tastes and preferences could lead her to encounter the unattainable, the unusual, mystery, religion, esotericism, psychology, politics or archeology... She can be difficult to define or keep up with on a day to day basis, but her heart is as immense as her integrity: April   is a sentimental romantic, and her love relationships tend to be somewhat erratic. She isn´t exactly a model housewife either, because she isn´t very organized nor is she very tidy. One could even say she is a little eccentric, as she tends to have more time for her emotions - experiencing the many sensations of being alive and feeling all that surrounds her in the here and now - than she has for wasting time worrying about her responsibilities and obligations.


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What does she do?




April   could be attracted to occupations orientated towards the more profound human, social or philanthropic values, occupations that involve contact with the public (broadcasting), advertising, professions in connection with catering or gastronomy, with travel and abroad (tourism), or indeed she may choose to develops her artistic talents (journalist, actress, author...).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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Oh my God why do someone so far away from me know me so well.ha hahahaha I was born in April dis is amazing who are u? 2015-09-19
Why is this so much like me hahahah April 2015-05-13
This is disturbingly similar to my personality. April 2015-04-08
this is actually quite like me suprisingly April 2015-02-12
Most part 90% of description is about me. wow! April 2014-08-29
WOW April 2013-01-20

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