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Meaning of name Anu  

Etymology : Finnish and Estonian diminutive of ANNA


Saint :


Origin : Finnish


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Generous, pleasant and likeable, Anu   has bags of personality and loves to be in the limelight. She is image-conscious, very lady-like and elegant with a sense of honour and a gracious gesture. She certainly doesn´t go unnoticed, which is exactly how she wants things to be; to play a role in front of an admiring audience, to be the centre of attention and present herself as an example to others. Active, dynamic and resourceful; Anu   is courageous and while she is sensitive to others, she nevertheless remains a deeply individualistic character who is strong-willed and determined - qualities that enable her to accomplish her objectives. She knows what she wants and tends to aim high. Her idealism pushes her to excel and surpass herself. It´s true that she isn´t very tolerant and doesn´t forgive easily, however she is just as harsh with herself as she is where other people are concerned; and she doesn´t permit herself weakness nor failure. Furthermore, she loathes mediocrity as much as vulgarity and only appreciates beauty, purity and nobility. As far as she is concerned, to truly live is to identify oneself with one´s idea of perfection and only become attached to that which elevates. Anu   possesses sound faculties of judgement and synthesis with a talent for organization and management. But she is also a sensitive soul who is deeply emotional and intuitive, although these qualities are not always obvious at first. A part of her that is rather delicate leads her into her imagination to explore the world of emotions, sensations, art and the irrational... As a child, Anu   is reasonable and disciplined because she doesn´t like to be criticized. She aims for the first place in everything and even if she doesn´t manage to win she will nevertheless seek to attract attention to herself in one way or another. So why not say yes when she asks if she can join the local theatre company? Oversensitive and proud, she has trouble sharing with her brothers and sisters; unless she happens to be the eldest, in which case it goes without saying that she will lay claim to whatever she likes since her authority will be unquestionable.


What does she like?
Anu   likes to be in charge and be the one to give the orders. Rather self-involved and even narcissistic, she wants to be the star of the show on the stage of her life. In love, she is quite demanding and needs to be able to admire her man: so he´d better not disappoint her, because if he does he will come crashing down from the pedestal that she has placed him on and her illusions will be irreparably shattered which means that the relationship will come to an abrupt end! Furthermore, Anu   is frank, honest and of fine personal integrity while she makes a remarkable hostess: almost perfect... if only she wasn´t so domineering.


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What does she do?




Anu   is ambitious and has trouble bending to somebody else´s hierarchy. She is therefore likely to be tempted by a career that confers her a certain amount of autonomy: management positions, the liberal or commercial professions, essentially in connection with esthetics, luxury, fashion (designer clothes, furs, jewelry, perfume...), or careers related to broadcasting or the stage (comedy, theatre...), the law (notary, jurist...) or possibly in connection with the medical field.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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That is just me..!! :O :O Well said.. and so true.. ANU 2014-02-07

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