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Meaning of name Amjad  

Etymology : Means "more glorious" in Arabic.


Saint :


Origin : Arabic


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Gender : boy


Country :


Numbers :

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Who is he?


With a master number as his active number, Amjad   has all the chances on his side, and owes it to himself to live in harmony with the vibration of the number 22. He would thus be able to combine self-mastery and intense creativity with an exceptional strength. Amjad   already gives the impression that this is the case, he seems to literally exude energy, will-power and self-control. However, his nerves can be known to get the better of him, especially with his close friends and family for whom he saves his uglier side, despotic and irascible, whereas he usually tries to influence others and give the impression that he is somebody of influence... If he manages to make the most of the energies of the 22, Amjad   could reveal himself to have a talent for construction and a desire to build on a large scale, which could be from an artistic, material or political perspective. Obviously such influences are not easy to live with and provoke a situation of high internal tension, necessitating effort, discipline, tenacity, perseverance and self-confidence. Therefore, it is common, (especially if there is a lack of familial and sociocultural support), that he makes do with the influence of 4, an octave that is inferior to 22, and therefore easier to live with. In this case he is likely to show a great need for security and stability. Anxious and full of doubt, he will advance slowly in life, but very surely. He would be characterized by discipline and a sense of duty, as well as sound organizational abilities thanks to his practical and methodical mind. As a child, he is a bright and talkative child who already possesses a certain presence.


What does he like?
He likes to communicate and express himself, enjoys the company of others, life´s pleasures, laughing and having fun. He is receptive to art and beauty, and is often an aesthete. Epicurian, Amjad   is often a bit of a ladies man and is extremely sensual. In romance, he needs to be admired; one could say he is a little vain, noblesse oblige. Likewise, he needs to have equal admiration for his partner, who he likes to show off in public, almost like an accessory. He would benefit from a change of attitude in this department, and he might even find out what love is all about...


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What does he do?




If he lives in vibrational harmony with his master number 22, his professional destiny could be exceptional and he could become a man of influence beyond the borders of his country. Amjad   is capable of building an empire if he so wishes! The following possibilities are open to him: engineer, geologist, architect, painter, sculptor, ecologist, politician... If the 4 is predominant, we could note these same tendencies but at a more limited level: creative professions, scientific professions linked to teaching, in relation to the earth (farmer, miner, potter), precision, independent professions or a management position as a public servant, occupations in relation to numbers and figures: finance, accounting or management.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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