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Meaning of name Alyssia  

Etymology : Variant of ALICIA


Saint :


Origin : English (Modern)


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Alyssia   is a particularly secretive and reserved woman who is surrounded by an air of mystery. An introverted individual, she is inclined to much soul searching and is sometimes bothered by worry and anxiety. Very often, she is fascinated by philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics. It is certainly true that more than anything else; Alyssia   has a gift for analysis and possesses a critical mind which means that she is likely to take an interest in the natural sciences. On the other hand, if she doesn´t make use of these faculties through intellectual activity, her acutely sensitive nature could make her prone to depression. She is highly selective about the people that she gets close to and chooses her friends according to the amount of spiritual or cultural affinity that she feels. She is anything but superficial and friendship is sacred, in her eyes. However, she tends to be a more or less solitary character who is rather unusual and sometimes turns this to her advantage. She is extremely intuitive and often experiences gut-feelings or premonitions which could confer her abilities as a medium. She seeks to acquire wisdom, however she is terribly shy and emotional - leaving her somewhat unarmed in the face of reality, which can be challenging at times. She avoids confrontation like the plague and tends to become withdrawn at the slightest emotional shock. This is undoubtedly why she is attracted to groups and movements that share her values and aspirations. As a child, Alyssia   is emotionally fragile and often lacks vitality. Domestic harmony is necessary to her very equilibrium so a parental disagreement could have disastrous consequences on her happiness. With an active imagination that can sometimes lead to anxiety or inhibition, Alyssia   is inclined to ask a lot of questions, to which answers must be provided. She is naturally studious and quite disciplined so she could go far in her education, as long as no emotional problems or health issues crop up along the way.


What does she like?
She appreciates privacy and enjoys tranquillity while she is fascinated by psychology, religion, esotericism or any other subject that is out of the ordinary or satisfies her craving for magic and mystery... unless of course she finds herself on more sinuous roads... Romantically speaking, she entertains so many fantasies and imaginings that she often has difficulty making her dreams come true in the material realm. Her marginality could just be a fact that she will have to learn to live with... Alyssia   is liable to experience solitude - even if it means being "alone together"; unless she chooses a partner with whom she has plenty of common ground, which would be the ideal situation.


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What does she do?




Her objectives are less than easy to achieve and her orientation won´t be terribly conformist. She is therefore likely to be drawn to a career in connection with avant-garde technology or a specialization (such as robotics, if she chooses a scientific profession); occupations in relation to psychology, parapsychology, medicine as well as those involving night work or unusual hours..., and lastly those where the art of diagnosis is essential, whatever her chosen professional field.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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Oh my gosh, why is this so me?! Alyssia 2016-06-20
This describes me well alyssia 2015-06-18
This describes me so perfectly it quite freaky alyssia 2014-01-12

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