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Meaning of name Abriel

Etymology : Born in April (Latin).


Saint :


Origin : British


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Gender : boy


Country :


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Who is he?


Such a reassuring presence, and so charming! Without a doubt, Abriel doesn´t leave one feeling indifferent. Calm, composed and well-balanced, it is important to him to bring happiness to those around him, and for those same people to recognise his value. Furthermore, in order to achieve these objectives, he won´t hesitate to use a few formidable weapons: a smile, a favour, kindness, tact, diplomacy and even cunning. His natural inclination is to beauty and perfection; he is of a scrupulous nature and is very sensitive to his perceived responsibilities towards his family who he is concerned about disappointing. In this respect, their influence is a long way from being insignificant. He is a sensitive, emotional and intuitive soul, who is brave and determined, most of the time. In the face of hostility, or if he feels misunderstood, he will occasionally disappear into his inner sanctuary of daydreams. As you may have guessed, he´s a lover and not a fighter. He is capable of great accomplishments and may decide to invest in certain associations or movements, most likely of a humanitarian, political or artistic orientation. But to achieve this he needs a little encouragement from his friends and family. This way, he could reveal himself to be the innovative soul that he really is, one who deep down, is rather utopian. As a child, it isn´t a good idea to abuse his wisdom by giving him too many responsibilities, because there really is a fine line between devotion and self-sacrifice, one that it is best not to cross... Neither should he be overprotected because this could result in him choosing the path of irresponsibility, apathy and nonchalance... With the karmic 6, his disposition can swing from one extreme to the other... As parents you could easily influence his future career choices, so avoid letting your expectations and wishes overshadow his own.


What does he like?
A true messenger of peace, Abriel requires harmony to prevail in his world: it is necessary to his very equilibrium, so taking care of those he loves is certainly his priority. Actually, if it came to the crunch, his heart could experience a dilemma: his soul is soothed by the gentleness of Isabelle´s voice and her soft, smiling eyes, Christina is the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on and everytime he looks at her it takes his breath away. On the other hand there is Cecilia who is just so funny and carefree, he feels really good with her... You get the idea. It´s true that his high expectations and yearning for perfection can verge on obsessional at times, but even so, this is a man whose company is extremely pleasant and easy. Sensual and gourmet, he would be happiest in the heart of a cosy family home with a woman who knows what he´s worth, and would make a wonderful father.


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What does he do?




If he doesn´t take over the family business, which is often the case, areas of professional interest could be of an esthetic nature (decoration or perfumery, he could be a florist, a stylist or a joiner...), possibly artistic, culinary, or gastronomic..., a career linked to health and social care, or in connection with comfort and the home (real estate...), and professions which necessitate accuracy and attention to detail.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Abriel"

Comment Pseudo Date
I know that weird almost like they've been knowing me all my life Abriel 2016-04-07
So, uh, this is almost on point. It describes me to a certain depth, and that is kind of mind blowing. At least I have a reason to act British now-- Abriel 2016-03-16

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