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Meaning of name Abd-al-rashid  

Etymology : Means "servant of the rightly guided" from Arabic ('abd al) "servant of the" combined with (rashid) "rightly guided".


Saint :


Origin : Arabic


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Gender : boy


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Numbers :

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Who are they?


With two master numbers, we can be sure that we are in the presence of a deeply humane and altruistic individual with a powerful personality. Abd-al-rashid   and Hengist   are extremely sensitive and remarkably intuitive. Such high vibrations incite them to advocate a better world and take care of the most underprivileged souls on this planet. Material contingencies are secondary, as far as they are concerned. While they are often enlightened or inspired, it is not always possible for them to experience these energies at such a high level due to the difficulties that they entail. They could therefore be expressed as a tendency to day-dream, hypersensitivity, emotional fragility, dependence, suggestibility and selflessness. Their equilibrium is often precarious because a high level of nervous tension is inseparable from such a passionate temperament. As children, Abd-al-rashid   and Hengist   are endearing and adorable, eager to please and particularly receptive to the family environment. It can only take a minor emotional upheaval or a parental disagreement to knock them off balance completely; and no longer able to invest in the present, they withdraw into their inner world of imagination. Parents, it is important to encourage their autonomy and sense of duty while taking care to respect their right to a carefree childhood.


What do they like?
STRONG>Abd-al-rashid   and Hengist   have very high standards and aspire to beauty and perfection. They possess tremendous inner-strength which pushes them to get involved with social or humanitarian movements and confers an interest in the social sciences, the occult and spirituality. If they commit themselves to one of these areas of predilection, they should nevertheless be careful not to become too systematic or fanatical. They are willing to join forces with others and collaborate in typical good faith and honesty. In love, they are idealistic and tend to put their beloved on a pedestal, with all the risks of disillusionment that this entails. Otherwise they may continue the search for the perfect partner through a multiplicity of imperfect relationships and experiences, or what some might call licentiousness.


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What do they do?




This configuration is a recipe for glittering success. The social and artistic domains are particularly royal roads, the material realm being neither a priority nor a condition. Abd-al-rashid   and Hengist   could therefore find fulfilment in the following careers: teaching, psychology, sociology, counselling..., artist, musician..., a career in politics or as a medium, astrologist or graphologist..., unless religion is an area of interest, or anything to do with philosophy, philanthropy or humanitarian issues.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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