The karmic numbers

The karmic numbers

The letters that make up our first name model us and provide structure. In a way, they represent our «departure baggage», the advantages and challenges that allow us to make progress on our life path. Whether or not our first name contains letters of a given value will decide whether or not our lives are influenced by their corresponding numbers, and this is why we each experience life in a unique way.  The numbers that are absent from the first name are called «missing numbers» or «karmic numbers» in numerology. They are indicative of behaviour, psychological characteristics and obstacles to overcome. The latter are in no way definitive and improvement is always possible, from the moment we become aware of the situation, until we become the balanced, humane and sociable creatures that we really are. In any event, our surname will obviously attenuate the impact of our first name. Each and every one of us possesses strengths and weaknesses that represent our individual interests. Don’t assume that a first name and a surname composed of the letters of each of the nine numerical values are synonymous with perfect balance and an easy life. In this case, the subject would have to learn each of the lessons associated with each of the numbers, without any particular intensity, but they would all have to be experienced. Remember that it is also our faults, failings and weaknesses that make each of us unique and interesting, although we struggle to overcome them every day in an effort to evolve and improve our relationship with others and the world we live in. In numerology as in astrology, a theme that is too balanced can be a sign of a life that is too easy, and can also be synonymous with a lack of personality and a weak, predictable character who lives a monotone, dreary and bland existence. The lessons associated with these missing numbers are not inescapable - be assured of this fact: and it is possible to fulfil them just by becoming aware and understanding. It is desirable to recognize these numbers in childhood to be able to start working on them as early as possible, ideally from the age of reason (7 years old). The parents would thereby help the individual to grow up to be a more well-balanced and sociable individual who is able to move forward in life with their head held high.


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