The initial of the first name

The initial of the first name

1. The first letter of the first name, the initial

It is the first letter of the first name that has an immediate impact on others when we pronounce it. The impact is dual: almost physical at first, as the first letter makes contact with our interlocutor’s ear, and of course an impact of a psychological, irrational order. If a friend introduces you to somebody named Sophie, S is the first letter which – the word isn’t too strong – strikes your unconscious, which will then draw a certain amount of information from this first letter before going on to dissect the contents of the whole of the information contained in the first name. The first letter or the initial of the first name is called the cornerstone in numerology. It is the first stone in our edifice, and it is upon this stone that are built not only our first few years of existence, but our entire lives, including our personalities and natures. It is therefore a fundamental piece of information that must be taken into account. The initial of our first name indicates our aptitudes and our attitudes in relation to existence, external elements and our diverse life experiences. Visually, the graphics of the letters are already characteristic, and this is no accident. The first letter of the alphabet, A, has a value of pure 1, as we have previously mentioned, and is therefore associated with the symbolism of this number. Physically, this letter has both ‘feet’ firmly planted on the ground; it is stable, well anchored to the earth and the material realm. It points upwards, towards the sky, denotes the will to evolve, to elevate and seek, a step towards the cosmos, or towards God. The horizontal line is also a sign of stability and balance between the material realm and spiritual values. Somebody by the name of Alexander, of which A is both the first letter and the first vowel, will possess these characteristics to a significant extent. Take the letter C as another example, all curves and smoothness, an open letter – open to communication and all forms of creative and artistic expression, it is associated with the symbolism of the number 3. Claire, beginning with C, would therefore have every chance of being charming and leading a charmed existence, friendly and spontaneous, for whom the voice could reveal to be an excellent instrument: to sing, speak or convince, if Claire is an attorney, or an advocate of a good cause. Have fun writing the twenty-six letters of the alphabet and finding the deeper, living and quite natural meanings that lie half-hidden behind these apparently neutral symbols, of which so few of us are even conscious.

2. The first vowel of the first name

Our second tool for analysis is a little less important than the first letter, but in no way insignificant, and concerns the first vowel of the first name (the letters: A, E, I, O, U and Y). It is not easy to measure the impact of the two elements (the first letter and the first vowel) on our unconscious. They must be considered one by one, without favouring one at the expense of the other because they form a whole. The first vowel of the first name corresponds to the immediate and inner motivations of the subject which are usually invisible and certainly very deeply buried, to their emotivity and capacity for affection. It is therefore more subtle and profound than the initial, because it implies the notions of inwardness and reflection and concerns the deeper « self », while the initial is more primal, physical and instinctive. Next time that you are introduced to somebody, try to immediately grasp the fundamental information inscribed in the initial and first vowel of the first name when you hear it. You will be surprised to notice the quantity of interesting clues that they contain! Obviously you should not stop at these early and very brief observations, indeed it would be dangerous to limit yourself to their interpretation thinking that you have obtained all of the information that is necessary or desirable. Consider these two elements as a first approach, a kind of rough sketch in charcoal, without any colour, texture or depth, a very first glance...
For those first names in which the first vowel is also the initial, such as the A in Alexander, the E in Emily, the I in Isabelle and the O in Oscar, the significance of the information contained in this letter is multiplied. If we consider that the first letter and the first vowel form a whole, in this case, one single letter coincides with the signification of this whole. In the next few pages you will discover the meanings of the twenty-six letters of our alphabet, corresponding to whether they appear as the first letter or initial, or the first vowel (the letters: A, E, I, O, U and Y) of the first name. Your task will then be to synthesize these diverse pieces of information.


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