Day of Birth

day of birthThe study of the date of birth alone would constitute an entire volume. Many indications relating to one’s destiny are contained in the whole, composed of the day, month and year of birth. We are unable to explore all of these elements in detail in this book; however we are going to discuss the essential elements, those that allow us to refine the analysis obtained from the first name. The day of birth is of great importance, because as strange as it may seem, this day was of our own choosing, whether this was a conscious or unconscious decision. We came to Earth one day, and ever since taking our first breath we have been swimming in the universal vibrations of this date. If you adhere to a certain determinism, you are likely to believe that you chose this day in order to experience the implications that it entails. If this is not the case, you may find it plausible or even logical to suppose that, by being born into the universal vibrations of any given day, you were permeated by these energies and that they could have begun to shape your world from that very first breath


In direct relationship with the symbolism of the first nine numbers, the day of birth is comprised of the numbers between 1, for those born on the 1st, and 31, for those who were born on the 31st of any given month. It contains extremely valuable indications concerning your nature as well as some elements of your destiny. It is useful to take into consideration because we spend the whole of our active, productive lives under the influence of our date of birth. More precisely, this influence comes into play, depending on the individual, more or less close to one’s twenty-eighth birthday, and remains pervasive up until around fifty-seven years of age.


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