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scottish names for boys:

Aidan  Ailpein  Aindrea  Alan  
Alasdair  Alastair  Alistair  Alister  
Allan  Allen  Alpin  Amhlaidh  
Angus  Aodh  Aodhagán  Aodhán  
Aonghas  Aonghus  Archibald  Archie  
Arran  Artair  Aulay  Barclay  
Beathan  Bhaltair  Bhàtair  Boyd  
Bruce  Cailean  Cairbre  Callum  
Calum  Campbell  Carbrey  Carbry  
CormagCraig  DàibhidhDaividh
Donnchad  Donnchadh  Dougal  Douglas  
Dubhghall  Dubhghlas  Duff  Dugald  
Duncan  Eachann  Eallair  Eanraig  
Edan  Eideard  Ellar  Eoghan  
Eoin  Erskine  Euan  Ewan  
Ewen  Farquhar  Fearchar  Fearghas  
Fergus  Fife  Filib  Findlay  
Fingal  Fingall  Finlay  Fionnghall  
Fionnlagh  Fionntan  Forbes  Frang  
Fraser  Frazier  Fyfe  Gavin  
Gilchrist  Gillespie  Gilroy  Glen  
Glenn  Goraidh  Gordon  Graeme  
Graham  Grahame  Grant  Gregor  
Greig  Grier  Griogair  Gus  
Hamish  Heck  Heckie  Hendry  
Iagan  Iain  Ian  Irvine  
Irving  Islay  Ivor  Jock  
Jockie  Jocky  Keir  Keith  
Kenneth  Kenny  Kentigern  Kerr  
Kester  Labhrainn  Lachie  Lachlan  
Lauchlan  Lennon  Lennox  Lenox  
Lockie  Malcolm  Maoilios  Marcas  
Micheil  Monroe  Moray  Muir  
Muireadhach  Mungo  Munro  Munroe  
Murchadh  Murdo  Murray  Naoise  
Naomhán  Neacel  Neil  Niall  
Nichol  Nicol  Ninian  Niven  
Peadar  Rab  Rabbie  Raghnall  
Raibeart  Ramsay  Ranald  Ranulf  
Ranulph  Roddy  Roderick  Ronald  
Rorie  Rory  Ross  Roy  
Ruadh  Ruairi  Ruairidh  Ruaraidh  
Ruaridh  Sachairi  Sawney  Scot  
Scott  Scottie  Scotty  Seaghdh  
Seoc  Seòras  Seòsaidh  Seumas  
Sholto  Shug  Somerled  Somhairle  
Sorley  Steafan  Steaphan  Steenie  
Stewart  Stuart  Suibhne  Sweeney  
Tadg  Tadhg  Tam  Tàmhas  
Tasgall  Taskill  Tavish  Teàrlach  
Tòmas  Torcuil  Torquil  Ualan  
Uilleam  Ùisdean  Wallace  




Your Name Horoscope !

horoscopo des nombresThanks to the numerology, we propose you daily a horoscope personalized for your first name. Love, money , Shape: discover what waits for you for today. In Bonus every day find your daily lucky figure .. Horoscope of the first names

Here is the horoscope of the first name : Aneesa

horsoscope amourCouples: Recent misunderstandings will evaporate. Today should be calm and peaceful. Singles: An unexpected encounter could pleasantly transform your life.

horsoscope argent Your recklessness could cost you dearly.

horsoscope formeFocus your energy on your goals, if you really want to achieve them Aneesa.

horsoscope chiffreYour Lucky number : 10

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